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Andrew S. Jordan - test

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Age: born 1961
Residence: Santa Rosa
State: CA
Country: US

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Biography/What I Think:

Tempus fugit. Carpe diem.


I am a patent examiner at the USPTO who teleworks from the west coast.


Music and hiking/camping.

My favorite links are here (new window by default):

  1. Yahoo/Reuters News Service
  2. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  3. Map: Southern California Earthquakes
  4. List: Southern California Earthquakes
  5. California Map and Travel. Ron, Roy, Jerry et al. A great map store.
  6. MapBlast maps: maps online
  7. MapQuest maps: maps online
  8. My brother's, Scott's, home page (some good jokes)
  9. My parents home page, at least, it reminds one of a home page*
  10. American Killifish Association
  11. Landmark Forum
  12. Casa Italiana Opera Company*
  13. The Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco
  14. American GO Association
  15. Santa Monica Go Club*
  16. Cat Stevens Home Page
  17. Los Angeles Marathon 2002: 8:45 a.m., Sunday, March 3, 2002
  18. L.A. Roadrunners I     L.A. Roadrunners II
  19. Running Stuff
  20. Run Results -
  21. Project EarthView Weather Satellite Views
  22. R.E.M./REM Lyrics: by album, by song
  23. Murphy's Vermont Tonic - good for colds, etc.
  24. Chocolate Pudding-Cake
  25. Satellite Shots*

*Web pages I ~maintain

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